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Public transport in the Lochcarron area

and some points beyond




These pages bring together in one place timetables for all public transport facilities in the Lochcarron area and some parts of Wester Ross: First ScotRail, bus and minibus services, school bus runs, dial-a-bus/taxi services, and other Highland Council subsidised transport services. Most of the tables are condensed, but all include links to websites where the full timetables can be downloaded and/or links to timetables in PDF format. 


Sample fares are included with some services. Those over 60, and in possession of a valid Highland Travel Card, travel free on buses and pay half-fare on Scotrail train services. Information is current as at May 2015.


Most rural bus services in the Highlands are supported by Highland Council grants. New contracts were awarded in January 2012, and these timetables remain current to the best of our knowledge. If in doubt, check timings with the Operator List on the Traveline Scotland website at http://www.travelinescotland.com/cms/content/pdfFragments/pdfOperatorList.xhtml. Choose operator for the particular service from the drop down menu, which will then display the timetable(s) in PDF format.


Other public transport information from the Highland Council can also be found at http://www.highland.gov.uk/info/1526/public_and_community_transport/111/public_transport.

Rail services


Table 1 

North Highlands Lines:

Inverness-Achnasheen-Strathcarron [for Lochcarron]-Plockton-Kyle of Lochalsh and v.v.


Update March 2015 Change of franchise for Scotrail

Dutch firm Abellio of the state-owned Dutch Railways, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, will take over the ScotRail First Group franchise as from 01 April 2015 and see http://www.abellio.com/scotrail-passenger-story.

Abellio ScotRail will commence operating with the rolling stock transferred from First ScotRail, but promise that they will provide faster, more comfortable and more reliable train services, as well as pledging to invest millions in rail services in the Highlands. Let us hope that this will also apply for the North Highlands line! Abellio plans to introduce refurbished high speed trains by December 2018 on longer distance services between Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness. Abellio is also investigating running tourist/steam trains on up to eight routes, including the Kyle line, and there will be a £3million upgrade for Inverness station.


For more information about the franchise see also http://www.transportscotland.gov.uk/system/files/images/Rail/ScotRail%20franchise/Scotrail%20Brochure%20October%202014.pdf.




At this time, timetables for the North Highlands/Kyle line are not likely to change, although it is possible that there may be some changes in rolling stock units used for this service.


Caledonian Sleeper services will transfer to a separate franchise operated by Serco (see below)

Operator: ScoRail (Franchise now operated by Abellio Group)

Web: http://wtww.scotrail.co.uk/

To avoid queues, you can buy your online tickets in advance at http://www.scotrail.co.uk/index.php, or by calling the Scotrail telesales team on 08457 550033 between 07.00 and 22.00, seven days a week. All major credit/debit cards are accepted.

Current timetables run from 14 December 2014 to 18 May 2015, when the new Summer timetables come into effect. However, for the North Highlands line there are usually only marginal changes (if any) between the Winter and Summer timetables.


For the complete Scotrail timetables click on to 


Select ‘by geographical area’ and thereafter select ‘The Highlands’.

Or select ‘by title’ and thereafter select the route, e.g. North Highlands, or Glasgow & Edinburgh – Inverness, Inverness – Aberdeen, etc.


A new operator, Serco, is taking over the Caledonian Sleeper service from/to London Euston to Inverness and elsewhere in Scotland as from April 2015, and timetables, route destinations, and fares, etc. can be found at https://www.sleeper.scot/.


For Highlands and Islands ferry services (Scrabster to Stromness, Ullapool to Stornoway, etc.) visit the website of Caledonian MacBrayne http://www.calmac.co.uk/, which sails to 24 destinations off Scotland’s west coast.

For Scotland-wide public transport information contact Traveline Scotland on 0871 200 2233.              

Web: http://www.travelinescotland.com/

Condensed timetable Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh (17 May–12 December 2015)


Mondays to Saturdays

Inverness dep. 08.55   Achnasheen dep. 10.18   Strathcarron arr./dep.  10.48   Kyle of Lochalsh arr. 11.30

Inverness dep. 11.00   Achnasheen dep. 12.21   Strathcarron arr./dep.  12.53   Kyle of Lochalsh arr. 13.35

Inverness dep. 13.35   Achnasheen dep. 15.00   Strathcarron arr./dep.  15.29   Kyle of Lochalsh arr. 16.12

Inverness dep. 17.54   Achnasheen dep. 19.20   Strathcarron arr./dep.  19.49   Kyle of Lochalsh arr. 20.31


Sundays  (17.54 evening service from Inverness from 17 May to 28 September only)

Inverness dep. 10.59   Achnasheen dep. 12.24   Strathcarron arr./dep.  12.54   Kyle of Lochalsh arr. 13.36

Inverness dep. 17.54   Achnasheen dep. 19.22   Strathcarron arr./dep.  19.51   Kyle of Lochalsh arr. 20.33


Condensed timetable Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness (17 May–12 December 2015)


Mondays to Saturdays                             

Kyle of Lochalsh dep. 06.15   Strathcarron arr./dep. 06.59   Achnasheen dep. 07.27   Inverness arr. 08.50

Kyle of Lochalsh dep. 12.08   Strathcarron arr./dep. 12.52   Achnasheen dep. 13.20   Inverness arr. 14.42

Kyle of Lochalsh dep. 13.46   Strathcarron arr./dep. 14.30   Achnasheen dep. 15.01   Inverness arr. 16.23 

Kyle of Lochalsh dep. 17.13   Strathcarron arr./dep. 17.57   Achnasheen dep. 18.25   Inverness arr. 20.00


Sundays  (10.19 morning service from Kyle from 17 May to 28 September only)

Kyle of Lochalsh dep. 10.19   Strathcarron arr./dep. 11.02   Achnasheen dep. 11.30   Inverness  arr. 12.53

Kyle of Lochalsh dep. 15.12   Strathcarron arr./dep. 15.56   Achnasheen dep. 16.24   Inverness  arr. 17.47


(i)  Winter/Spring timetables come into effect as from 13 December 2015, check with Operator for possible timetable alterations.

(ii)  For connecting minibus services from and to Strathcarron Station see   Table 3 below.

(iii) For connecting CityLink bus services from Kyle of Lochalsh to Portree/Uig and the Isle of Skye and v.v see 



Valid from 18 May until 04 October 2015. For Winter 2015 timetables, commencing 05 October2015, check with operator.



Bus & Minibus services

Table 2
(Toscaig-Applecross-Shieldaig-Kishorn)-Lochcarron-Achnasheen-Garve-Dingwall-Inverness and v.v., Service 704

Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays only 

Update February 2015: Since February 2015 this 16-seater minibus service now operates three times a week from/to Inverness bus station (adjacent to the railway station), usually arriving and departing at Stance/Bay 7, but this is subject to change.

Operator: Lochcarron Garage, Main Street, Lochcarron, Ross-shire IV54 8YS
Tel: +44(0)1520-722205 
lochcarrongarage@tiscali.co.uk  Web: http://www.lochcarrongarage.com/  

(i) Pick up/drop off from/to Toscaig, Applecross, Shieldaig, Kishorn and other points en route are by request, and must be pre-booked no later than by 18.00hrs the day prior to travelling, at the above telephone number. As the service is very popular and space is limited, booking a seat(s) for Inverness to Lochcarron or v.v. is also strongly recommended. If nobody is available to take your call leave a message on the answering machine, indicating name and contact details, pick-up point, date you wish to travel, and number of passengers travelling.
(ii) In Lochcarron the driver may be willing to drop off passengers anywhere en route, e.g. hotels, B&Bs, etc.
(iii) The main pick-up point in Lochcarron is the Post Office/Village Hall, which are adjacent to each other.
(iv) Times at Applecross may vary if there are no requests from Shieldaig.

For the complete 704 timetable click here. 

Sample fares: 
Lochcarron-Inverness     £ 7.55 single    £11.35 return
Applecross-Inverness     £10.10 single   £15.15 return
Lochcarron-Applecross    £ 4.95 single    £ 7.40 return
Lochcarron-Achnasheen  £ 3.10 single    £ 4.65 return 

Those over 60, and in possession of a valid Highland Council Travel Card, travel free.



Table 3

Strathcarron-Lochcarron-Kishorn-Shieldaig-(Torridon) and v.v., Service 702

Mondays – Saturdays

Operator: DMK Motors, Unit 1, Industrial Estate, Lochcarron, IV54 8YS

Tel: +44-(0)1520-722682  Mobile: 07867 656352 or 07900 994656

Email: pedromack@hotmail.com (This email should not be used for bookings)  Web: n/a            



(i) This service provides a useful minibus connection from Lochcarron to Strathcarron Station for the early morning Kyle train (Strathcarron dep. 07.02) to Inverness. This service is on request (although not indicated in the timetables) and a telephone booking is apparently still required (see number above) before 18.00hrs the day before travel.

(ii) The service 702-1 service extends beyond Shieldaig on request only.


For the complete 702 timetable click here. 


Sample fares:

Strathcarron-Lochcarron             £ 1.20 single      £ 1.80 return

Strathcarron-Kishorn                  £ 2.00 single      £ 3.00 return

Strathcarron-Shieldaig                £ 3.20 single      £ 4.80 return

Strathcarron-Torridon                 £ 4.30 single      £ 6.40 return


Those over 60, and in possession of a valid Highland Travel Card, travel free.  




Table 5

Shieldaig-Torridon-Kinlochewe-Gairloch and v.v., Service 705-5

Schooldays only

Operator: Westerbus, MacKenzie & MacLennan, The Garage, Gairloch, IV21 2BH

Tel: +44(0)1445 712255

Email: n/a  Web: n/a


For the complete 705 timetable click here.



Table 6

Part 1: Gairloch-Poolewe-Laide-Dingwall-Inverness (via Braemore Junction) and v.v., Service 700-0

Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays


Part 2: Laide-Poolewe-Gairloch-Achnasheen Station-Dingwall-Inverness (via Kinlochewe) and v.v., Service 700-0

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

Operator: Westerbus, MacKenzie & MacLennan, The Garage, Gairloch, IV21 2BH

Tel: +44(0)1445 712255

Email: n/a  Web: n/a


For the complete 700 timetables click here.



(i) The morning service to Inverness via Kinlochewe and Achnasheen Station (arr. 09.15), on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only, allows for a Scotrail connection (see è Table 1) for the train to Strathcarron and Kyle of Lochalsh, dep. Achnasheen 10.19, arr. Strathcarron 10.46, arr. Kyle of Lochalsh 11.28, with a connecting CityLink bus service from Kyle to the Isle of Skye.


(ii) The evening service to Laide/Gairloch via Kinlochewe and Achnasheen Station (arr. 18.35), on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only, allows for a Scotrail connection (see è Table 1) for the train to Strathcarron and Kyle of Lochalsh, dep. Achnasheen 19.16, arr. Strathcarron 19.44, arr. Kyle of Lochalsh 20.26, with a connecting CityLink bus service from Kyle to the Isle of Skye.



Table 7

Poolewe-Gairloch-Kinlochewe-Achnasheen-Dingwall and v.v., Service 711-0

Wednesdays only

Operator: Westerbus, MacKenzie & MacLennan, The Garage, Gairloch, IV21 2BH

Tel: +44(0)1445 712255

Email: n/a  Web: n/a


For the complete 711 timetable click here.



This service from Poolewe/Gairloch to Dingwall is (poorly) time-tabled to arrive at Achnasheen Station at 10.20 (Wednesdays only), while the train from Achnasheen (see è Table 1) in the direction of Strathcarron and Kyle of Lochalsh departs at 10.19. However, with a bit of luck, and if the bus arrives a minute earlier, or the train departs a minute later, passengers might still be able to make this connection!


NEWSouth West Ross Community Car Scheme


Operator/Contact: Tracey Ross, SWRCCS Coordinator, Loch Torridon Community Centre, Torridon, Ross-shire, IV22 2EZ

Tel: 01445-791335

Email: swrc-carscheme@btconnect.com Web: http://www.swrc-carscheme.co.uk/

Funded by NHS Highland and the Highland Council, the South West Ross Community Car Scheme (SWRCCS), a registered Scottish charity, is run by a team of volunteers operating within the communities of Kinlochewe, Torridon, Alligin, Diabaig, Shieldaig, the Applecross peninsula, Kishorn, Achintrad, Ardaneaskan, Lochcarron, Strathcarron, Glencarron, Achnasheen, and Kyle of Lochalsh. “It is open to all [local] residents and their associates who, for whatever reason, are unable to use public transport for their journey and have no means of private transport. It can be used for any local journeys, e.g to access surgeries, mobile clinics, services, shops and amenities, church, community events, onward public transport, or just to visit friends.” Volunteer drivers use their own cars to provide transport, and SWRCCS telephonists work from home on a rota basis (using BT's call diversion system) to deal with the bookings.


There is a charge of 20p per mile for every mile passengers are in the car, up to maximum fare of £6 for any single or return journey made on the same day. For example, a 5 mile journey will cost just £1, or will cost no more than £6 for a 30 or 40 miles journey.


To book: call the booking line on 01445-791436 between 9.30am and 2.00pm, Monday to Fridays. (Car scheme runs can be provided seven days a week, Sundays included.)


Note: Lifts to and from the pub cannot be provided! Nor can the car scheme offer regular transport to places of work.


School bus services


Although primarily a school bus facility, the general public may use these services as well, subject to availability of seats. Modest fares apply. These services run on school days only


For school holidays and term dates in the Highlands for 2014/15 see http://www.highland.gov.uk/learninghere/schools/schooltermdates/TermDates20142015.htm

For the 2015/2016 term dates see http://www.highland.gov.uk/learninghere/schools/schooltermdates/TermDates20152016.htm 


Table 8

Ardaneaskan-Lochcarron-Strathcarron-Plockton High School-Kyle of Lochalsh and v.v., Schools Service 164

Mondays to Fridays, during school days only

Operator: Stagecoach in Skye, Portree Depot, 4 Park Road, Portree, IV51 9E

Tel: +44(0)1478 61262 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              

Email: highland.enquiries@stagecoachbus.com Web: http://www.stagecoachbus.com/


For the complete 164 timetable click here.



Table 9

Kishorn-Achintraid-Lochcarron Post Office-Lochcarron Primary School

and v.v., Schools Service 702

Mondays to Fridays, during school days only

Operator: DMK Motors, Unit 1, Industrial Estate, Lochcarron, IV54 8YS

Tel: +44-(0)1520-722682 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 



(i)   This is part of Contract 702-1, see è Table 3 above.

(ii)  Some services not operating on Mondays and Fridays, see restrictions indicated in timetables.



For the complete 702 timetable click here.


Subsidised taxi/Dial-a-bus services


Table 10

Stromeferry-Kyle Dial-a-Bus, Service T21

Only available by pre-booking at the telephone number below no later than 18.00hrs the day before intended travel

Operator: Clan Taxis, Tower House, Camuslongart, Dornie, Kyle, IV40 8EX

Tel: +44-(0)1599 555477

See also http://www.highland.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/F4572252-080C-4C37-960F-84E419D1F4C7/0/T21StromeferryKyleDialABus.pdf

Area of operation: From Stromeferry to any point within Kyle of Lochalsh, serving the following villages and any isolated houses within this area: Achmore, Plockton, Drumbuie, Duirinish, Erbusaig and Badicaul.  Restrictions apply, see timetable.


On Wednesdays and Saturdays the operational area is extended to include connection with the 704 bus service at Lochcarron, see è Table 2.


For the complete T21 timetable click here.



Timetables for the former T22, T22N, and T23 routes, operated as dial-a-bus services by Lochcarron Garage for the Lochcarron, Applecross peninsula, Achnasheen and some other areas, have been withdrawn as these services have ceased to exist. The Highland Council has informed us that no new contracts have been awarded.  



Bus services on Skye


Table 11
Portree or Kyle of Lochalsh - Ardvasar and v.v., Service 601
Mondays -Saturdays

Operator: MacLean Coaches, Bunloyne, Sallachy, Kyle, Highland, IV40 8DZ 
Tel: +44-(0)1599 588222 Email: 
Timetable: Winter


Timetable: Spring


Summer timetable not currently available, but timings vary only marginally. Check with operator.

Timetables valid from 01 January 2012 until further notice.

For additional bus services on Skye consult the timetables of Scottish Citylink for the Inverness to the Isle of Skye and v.v. service (service 917), including intermediate stops between Kyle of Lochalsh and Portree/Uig, at

http://www.citylink.co.uk/timetables/Winter13/Inverness2Skye.pdf; and also those for Edinburgh/Glasgow to the Isle of Skye and v.v. services (service 914, 915, and 916) at http://www.citylink.co.uk/timetables/Winter13/Glas2Skye.pdf..

The above Winter timetables are valid from 07 October 2013 to 18 May 2014. The summer timetable will operate from 19 May to 06 October 2014. Check with

For bus for travel within Skye, including town and school bus services (service 51, 52, 55, 152, 155, and 164) view the Stagecoach timetables and route map.



Route map:



Bus travel elsewhere in the Highlands


For bus travel in other areas of the Highlands check out the website of Stagecoach Highlands http://www.stagecoachbus.com/localdefault.aspx?Tag=Inverness and its timetables at http://www.stagecoachbus.com/timetables.aspx


For bus services from Glasgow, Edinburgh and other points south of Inverness consult the Scottish CityLink timetables at http://www.citylink.co.uk/timetables.php.


For planning any journey in Scotland using public transport consult Traveline Scotland  http://www.travelinescotland.com/, which provides up to date, impartial public transport journey planning and timetables. You can also call them on 0871 200 2233.            


Coach and mini-bus hire

For coach and mini-bus hire visit the Web pages of Dornie-based Skyways http://www.skyeways.co.uk/, Spa Coaches based in Strathpeffer http://www.spacoaches.co.uk/, or Scotbus http://www.scotbus.co.uk/timetables.html operating out of Inverness.



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Published primarily for local communities in the Highlands of Scotland and especially those in the Wester Ross region, this self-tutoring guide and online learning resource is designed to assist you to acquire Web search and evaluation skills, learn about tips and techniques that will improve your searching, and how to explore the Web as a rich information resource. The guide focuses on Google and how to acquire “Google literacy”, and enables users to learn more about the numerous Google products, tools, and applications, and how to get the most out of Google’s many search services, whether for personal, leisure, or business interests. 

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